Our Signature blend did not happen overnight. As a matter of fact, months of debate and dialogue went by before we even did a single trial roast for this profile. You see, we were torn between wanting to bring you the future and wanting to honor the past.  To me, the future of coffee looks like a community of coffee lovers that share roasts which they crafted in their own homes and were made to honor the care and dedication of the farmer who produced the beans. They talk about their coffee with adjectives like “ringing notes of citrus”, “dark berries and molasses” and “Chocolate Nibs and Vanilla” . . . And even though I love all that, I also love the past, spoken to me in the soft voices of people I love and respect, who enjoyed the ‘bold flavor of coffee”, or a “strong coffee in the morning” a “coffee that tastes like coffee”…  In essence, I wanted a cup that I could serve my grandfather and my daughter at the same time, in the knowledge that they would both be proud of me.

This cup will always be deep and evocative, abundant in baker’s chocolate and caramel but unapologetically tart – with notes of lime and red berries, and hints of vanilla and nutty spice. A slight bitterness will balance the profile.  The body, full and lingering.

Battle Grounds Coffee Co & Roastery