Mlama Estate, Tanzania

Sweet caramel & milk chocolate with hints of citrus fruit & cinnamon.

From the mesas surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, Mlama produces an excellent representation of eastern Africa arabicas which roast well for a variety of preferences.

Aside from the delicious coffee they produce, we support APK’s Mlama estate because of their farming programs that support youth who have an interest in agribusiness as a career. Young people are exposed to rigourous practical training programs and a wide range of business and marketing scenarios. Local mentors like Vava are powerhouses who empower the next generation. We love it.

APK (African Plantation Kilimanjaro) is part of Oro Molido, a family-owned and operated, world class coffee company and foundation, dedicated to education and empowerment of the local people and communities. Learn more at:

Species: Coffea arabica
Varietal:Bourbon, Kent, N39, KP & F6
Region:Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Altitude:1300-1380 m.a.s.l.
Price:$19.00 / Lb