Mlama Estate, Tanzania

Sweet cacao with hints of stone fruit and raisins.

From the mesas surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, Mlama produces an excellent representation of eastern Africa arabicas which roast well for a variety of preferences.

Aside from the delicious coffee they produce, we support APK’s Mlama estate because of their farming programs that support youth who have an interest in agribusiness as a career. Young people are exposed to rigourous practical training programs and a wide range of business and marketing scenarios. Local mentors like Vava are powerhouses who empower the next generation. We love it.

APK (African Plantation Kilimanjaro) is part of Oro Molido, a family-owned and operated, world class coffee company and foundation, dedicated to education and empowerment of the local people and communities. Learn more at:

Species: Coffea arabica
Varietal:Bourbon, Kent, N39, KP & F6
Region:Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Altitude:1300-1380 m.a.s.l.